Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bowl Week

Here we are at the end of 2008 and the new year is right around the corner. Devoted sports fans refer to this magical time of the year as Bowl Week. Over my three years as a daily shooter I have covered my share of football, but the style of pigskin I'm used to covering is preps with a little bit of NFL thrown in. 

Last weekend, I had the privilege to photograph my first college bowl game ... the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Charlotte. The ACC was represented by North Carolina and the Big East sent West Virginia. 

It was a foggy, overcast day and I had on my Mountaineer ball cap (Appalachian State, not those impostors from WVU). The first quarter was a shoot-out and I was happy to be in position to grab a frame of a one-handed touchdown catch by West Virginia.

After three consecutive touchdown throws, I knew the place to be was down field from the Offense. Late in the game North Carolina was driving to regain the lead, so I headed toward the WVU end zone to wait. I had a funny feeling that I should shoot wide, but that lens was on my D100, which is in no way capable of keeping up with fast-paced sports action like my D2h. Still, something told me to shoot wide, so I pre-focused on the orange pylon in the end zone. Some how my gut feeling was right, because the next thing I know, UNC quarterback T.J. Yates is scrambling my way and dives right for the pylon I'm pre-focused on. The D100 gives me only a few frames a second, but this is what I walked away with.
West Virginia took a 31-30 lead late in the game and North Carolina was starting to drive. It looked to me at the time like it might come down to a field goal, so I was on the side of the WVU end zone near the UNC bench hoping to catch the kick and reaction from the kicker as he turned to his teammates in victory or defeat. For those of you who saw this game on ESPN, you know I was in the wrong spot as Yates was intercepted on the other side of the field to end the game. 

I was happy with my take though and hope I get plenty of other opportunities to shoot college football in the future. 

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Joshua said...

James-As always, great shots. I'm glad to see that your D100 is still useful. Thanks for the story. It's nice to here the tale behind the images.