Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cover Jinx?

I've always heard of the cover jinx on athletes, be it the eerily coincidental string of injuries suffered by NFL players after they appear on the cover on the Madden video game box, or the supposed SI cover jinx. But those all happen after publication right? (At least the ones we know about)
Last week I made went out to make a photo of a promising young quarterback and his new head coach for the cover of our prep football tab. The story was focusing on the quarterback, so I made him prominent in the photo and then designed the cover around that. I had a simple design in mind and was happy with how it came out.
Two days later, I get a call from the office telling me our talented young cover model had blown out his knee in a scrimmage and was out for the season. Probably not the best idea to keep him on our cover. The other problem is this happened on a Saturday and our tab was going to print on Monday, leaving no time to come up with another feature. I pulled several photos from football season last year and designed a generic cover to go out instead.

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